How to select more than one attribute at one time

SyrettSyrett Global Mapper UserPosts: 36Trusted User
I'm working with the Attribute Editor to select features. In the Query Builder, I assumed that "or" would enable me to select objects of different values within the same Attribute. For example, in a search for features within OSM areas, I created a query like this:  %GM_LAYER%  =  'leisure - park'   or   'leisure - pitch'  . But all I get are the parks. If I reverse the order of the Values, all I get are the objects tagged as "leisure - pitch". Is there some way to select both Values at the same time? Thanks!

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  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 451
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    Looks like your statement needs to be:
    %GM_LAYER%  =  'leisure - park'   or   %GM_LAYER%  =  'leisure - pitch'


  • SyrettSyrett Global Mapper User Posts: 36Trusted User
    That works - thanks!
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