Lidar Editing/Export = No More "GPS_TIME"

Hi, I am seriously in trouble. I used Global Mapper to edit Bad Ground Classified Lidar points using the profile tool. Now I see the resulting file (newly exported file) does have any gps data anymore.. is anyone encontered this issue before? I have looked at all the settings, but can't figured a way out of this, please, I need a fix for this?

I appreciate your consideration

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,944
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    I found a bug in Global Mapper v19.0 (b112717).. I found where it come from and how I can work painlessly around it


    You may want to consider downloading Global Mapper 19.1 to see if the bug has been fixed.  If it persists, please contact Blue Marble Geographics Support via e-mail ( with a detailed workflow and data that can reproduce the problem, so we can have a crack at fixing the problem.



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