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Not sure if this has been raised in previous discussions, but can the current method of toggling the visibility of group layers be looked at. I use GM for field and office mapping along with ArcGIS and various other software. I find the ArcGIS methodology for displaying / hiding group layers much more practical.

For example, if you have a group with many layers (e.g. an infrastructure group with many layers for roads, fences, grids, gates etc.) it is common to have multiple layers hidden which you display when you want to see that particular data. With the current system if you want to hide the group by unchecking the group box then firstly GM reselects all the layers, then by clicking the box again the group is hidden. The problem with this is that now all the layers you had hidden are now selected again when you show the group again - causing you to have to go through and deselect the layers again. In ArcGIS the status of each layer's visibility is unaffected by turning the group visibility on or off. To me this is a much better method especially when using groups with a large number of layers.

Switching all layers on / off can be done via the existing Show/hide layer toolbar command.

Eric Amedee

Senior Seismic Surveyor
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