Global Mapper v25.0

PODS- Pipeline Open Data Standard

I have used GM for years to download and process aerials, LiDAR datasets, etc but now I need to export certain elements of pipelines that I have worked on for my client. These elements will be points- such as pipeline markers, or valves, or test leads and linear elements- such as pipelines, the different coatings on them their size, diameter, wall thickness, etc.
Have any of you set up your GM to process or export features to PODS specific descriptions? They (my client) referred to them as "Domains" and said that if the Domain didn't match exactly that it wouldn't load for them.
They gave me a "gdb" file (Geodetic Database) which GM opened fine. When I click on a feature the Name: lists <NO LABEL>, the Feature Type is UNKNOWN LINE TYPE. Down in Map Name and Description I see the name they have as TABLE NAME
In lieu of a "gdb" file which I can't export they want me to create separate shapefiles for the different elements. My confusion is mostly the nomenclature. They gave me an Excel spreadsheet that has all the elements. They have  TABLE NAME/DOMAIN NAME/VALUE.
GM has: Name/Feature Type/Geometry/Map Name/Description

Have any of you set up your GM to export PODS data? How do I sort the apples and oranges