CSV IMPORT keep x,y,z coordinates as attributes

Is there a way to keep the x,y,z coordinates in the attribute table natively on import. I have .csv files with multiple fields for coordinates such as Grid_X, Local_X, and Longitude. I want to be able to import the attributed .csv without "losing" the coordinate header that I am using.

Currently I have to workaround this by doing the following:
1. Import *.csv (with proper skip column settings for the coordinate system I'm interested in)
2. Add Coordinate to selected features
3. Copy attributes X to X_column_name
4. Copy attributes Y to Y_column_name
5. Copy attributes Z to Z_column_name

This workaround also has the undesired effect of adding multiple coordinate columns when re-exporting, and the fields with the proper name appear after all of the other attributes.

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