Copy attributes function not working

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When I try to copy the minimum of the attribute "Test" from two areas to a line, it won't work.  All it does is copy the largest value from the two areas.

Thanks for any help...


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    Something does seem a bit odd with the attribute copying. It is possible that your "test" attribute is not recognized as a number so it doesn't process "minimum" in the way you think it should?
    Then I kept digging. I cleared all the features and attributes of the line and did the copy attributes with the area "2". Using the "minimum" option, it gave it an attribute of "test" and equal to 2. Which makes sense since that was the attribute of the only area I applied in the operation. But the feature was named "1". I didn't change anything else except to repeat the operation with the area "1" and the name stayed "1" and the "test" attribute stayed 2.
    Then I tried the reverse except with area 1 and then area 2. With area "1", the assigned attribute of "test" was "1" and the name of the feature was "1". Applying the line to area 2, the values stayed the same ("1" for name and "1" for "test").
    I re-set the line and did it with both areas getting a feature name of "1" and the attribute "test" of "2".
    I re-set the line again, did the same operation but with "<Feature Name> unchecked and the line didn't get a new name and the attribute was still "2".
    I renamed the two areas "A" and "B" and did the operation with "<Feature Name>" checked and the line was tagged with a name of "A" and an attribute of "2".
    I can only conclude that the operation is taking the minimum of "<Feature Name>" but isn't applying the same logic to the actual "test" attribute. Bug?
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    Thanks--till GM addresses the issue, that seems like a good workaround.
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