Global Mapper v25.0

How to use a shapefile with multiple points for a viewshed analysis

I've tried many ways to input the point features of my shapefile for the points on my viewshed analysis in Global Mapper except it never seems to use the points, only the point that I click on the screen or if I add manual points through global mapper. Is it possible to just use shapefile points for a viewshed analysis?


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Answer ✓
    1. Load your shapefile
    2. Select the points
    3. Right-click, and choose Analysis/Measurement | Calculate View Sheds at Selected Point(s)
    4. Enter the View Shed options you need
    5. Click OK
  • BillB
    BillB Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Answer ✓
    Hi Shanbrad.  Assuming you want to generate multiple viewsheds from multiple points: if you can select the points in the editor window (or right-click on a layer in the Control centre and "Select all features in selected layer" etc), you should then be able to right-click in the edit window. In the resulting pop-up menu, go to Analysis/Measurement then "Calculate viewsheds at selected points".
    Hope that is what you are looking for.