Modify a DWG file, ie adding data and then exporting out to AutoCAD

I have UAV based geo-located ortomosaic from Pix4d. I have also a DWG of a Topo survey of the same site, done about 8 months ago. I have imported the DWG of the site over the current orthomosaic. Lines up perfectly!. Now I want to digitise over the ortho to add some featured to the DWG survey file and then export it out as an updated DWG, back into AutoCAD fort further modication / presentation. 

I have only added some basic addition line features and some point features representing new Lightiong columns, all assigned to the DWG layer.

When I export, all the text for the items I have added comes into AutoCAD absolutely huge and all the original text notation in the original AutoCAD file disappears. Been working on this all day and getting no where!

Any help much appreciated


  • DerrickWDerrickW Posts: 13
    I would overlay the DWG on your ortho in globalmapper as a reference only.  

    Then, digitize your lines and add those feature(s) to separate layers.  Export them out as a DXF (pay attention to how layers will be exported), and pull into cad with DXFIN command.  
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