Change dimension of digitizer grid

gguygguy Global Mapper UserPosts: 29Trusted User
I have a really quick question here on just a few things. In the image below, you will see I have 2 digitizer grids. The inner grid is set to 3072 meters squared. I need to change that dimension, I need the grid to stay centered where it is, but I need to add 512 meters to it. I can't find that option to change the dimensions. Secondly, once I have that smaller grid scaled correctly with the new dimensions, I need to cut that out from the larger grid, so the larger grid will have a square hole in it the exact size of smaller grid. And last, then I need to create a custom shape grid to follow the path of the ocean because I don't need that elevation data. So how would I draw a custom grid to delete that elevation data below the satellite image?

Thanks for the help. 


  • gguygguy Global Mapper User Posts: 29Trusted User
    So I created my grids as you see above. But once created, is there even an option to change the grid cell width and height, like in the set up screen? The only option I can see that is similar is Rotate/Scale Feature and it doesn't appear to allow you to change size via dimensions like when you set the grid up. 

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