HFZ file format problem Export / Re-import GM18.2

Trying to re-import hfz files exported earlier from GM, but get error. (see below)

Also having problem exporting large data sets into a single hfz file ( size limitation) ?
The area is 16x16km 2 sample /meter resolution lidar pointcloud converted to grid at same resolution.
Are forced to use lower resolution or use tiled export of gridded files.
Also tried BT file format are fine to use for same export but does introduce small height stepping.

I would prefer having an easy export to 16bit grey raw files (compatible with Photoshop) 

Any help much appreciated


Global Mapper v18.2.0 (b052417) [64-bit] [+Lidar]
Error loading file tile_y0_x0.hfz
Error loading file.
Cannot allocate buffer
HF2Overlay.cpp - 472
Version: v18.2.0 (64-bit)
Build Time: May 24 2017 14:41:24
Thread: Main UI Thread
Last Op: File: MapCatalogOverlay.cpp : 1778
Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) Memory: 98,900,807,680 of 137,356,840,960 available, GDI Usage: 600 GDI (Peak 1749), 206 User (Peak 336)

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