With imported X,Y,Z point file in feet, why is the created elevation grid converted from feet to m?

After I imported an X,Y,Z point file (units in feet), I then went to the Overlay Control Center to create a Triangulated Elevation Grid. In the Elevation Grid Creation Options box, the Vertical Units is selected as Feet. After creation, the elevation heights in the grid have been multiplied by 3.2. For example, though a point feature is reported correctly as 10.0 ft, the elevation grid in the new layer reports that point as 32.8 ft. GM has converted the feature point values from ft to meters, but still reports in units of feet (incorrectly). Could you please advise. Thank you.


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,936

    You probably need to change the unit that Global Mapper is using for the raw elevation values.  Unless the data file specifies a vertical unit, the default is meters.  To change the vertical unit:
    1. Right-click on your layer in the Control Center, and choose Options... from the context menu (or click the Options... button if you are using an older version.)
    2. On the Elevation Options screen, choose the Alter Elevation Values tab.
    3. Towards the bottom, under Elevation Units Interpretation, choose FEET.
    4. Click OK
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