Global Mapper v25.0

Processing UAV Photos

New to GM...Started the trial ver 19 today and I'm just trying to create ortho/topo/elevation projects from georeferenced uav photos. The only option I see in GM so far is the Points To Pixels which appears to process them as though they were LiDAR? Which means I have to have the LiDAR registration also, which doesn't appear to be available in the trial program? Or what? 
 Any help is appreciated.


  • kfroese
    kfroese Geotechnical Engineer Trusted User
    I believe you do require the LiDAR module to do that particular operation. You could try an online platform that might do a similar operation for free/cheaper - try DroneDeploy.
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    You can either email to request a trial LiDAR license, or navigate within Global Mapper to Help > Module/Extension Manager. Select the box next to 'Lidar' and a registration window should appear. Here you can select the option to request a 2-week trial license.