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I've just compared the speed of GM with Qgis and got a surprise result.  I loaded a 99,000 point KMZ into an otherwise blank canvas in each GIS.  I then panned slightly and timed how long it took to refresh the display.

Initially I got what I expected, a paid for GIS product (GM) was faster than a free GIS (Qgis).  GM took 101 seconds and Qgis took 530 seconds.

However, I then discovered a setting in Qgis which enabled multi-core support.  Re-running the test for Qgis, it refreshed the display in 13 seconds, leaving GM in the dust!

I know there is some (limited) support in GM for mult-core operation but can we please have this support significantly widened to include common operations such as panning/redrawing?


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    We are planning a number of enhancements our 2D draw engine for Global Mapper 20.0, where one goal is to improve the rendering performance.  If you contact Blue Marble Geographics Support via e-mail ( with a description of your workflow, and provide your test data, we can include it in our test suite for that release.

  • thank you
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