Global Mapper v25.0

Why is a column of data being skipped upon import?

I have a column of data that is totally being skipped upon import and it happens to be the latitude coordinates.  I load this data in the same format all of the time and never have any trouble.  I am counting the columns to skip correctly and I have even tried to cut the columns and paste them into a different position in the spreadsheet and it still skips the same column (latitude).  I can copy and paste the data into a text file and it looks fine.  HELP!


  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    * What version of GM are you using?
    * What labels are being used for latitude and longitude columns?
    * What format is used by your latitude and longitude values? (decimal degrees, decimal minutes, or decimal seconds) (in other words, DD, DM, DMS)
    * What delimiter is being used between the latitude column and the data in the column to the left? (delimiters may use tab, comma, space, or others)  Is there a difference between any of the columns of your data (comma being used between some columns, but only spaces elsewhere.  If you have a text editor that can show hidden characters (tab, space, etc), use it.
    * In the text import dialog, an option specifies whether the data are in lat/long or long/lat order. Does your selection match your file?

    Note that GM settings may use values from other projects you have worked on recently.  Ideally, GM would have 1. default settings, 2. personal settings, 3. project settings.  Those from (1.) are settings used by default, and may be replaced by settings included in (2.), and those may be replaced by settings included in (3.).  These selections would be saved with project or workspace files.  That way, one project would not be affected by settings used with a previous project.  I have been attempting to gain the support of GM programmers for this concept.  They are being quiet (!). 

    Given all of this, if nothing pops out as being responsible for what your results, make a copy of your data file and edit it until GM reads it as intended.  This may include placing the latitude and longitude values in columns 1 and 2.  Label the columns "Latitude" and "Longitude".  Use decimal degree format.  We are boiling down the file to discover just what issue is tripping up the program.