Global Mapper v25.0

Wrong elevation export values

I am evaluating Global Mapper 19 and comparing it with version 18. While running exactly the same script on boths, I obtain wrong elevation values in GM19. It seems that the export is done with a factor of 10 (multiplying the values x 10). So for the same file, once exported, gdalinfo reports:

In GM 19:
Band 1 Block=513x1 Type=Int32, ColorInterp=Undefined
  Min=22029.006 Max=27691.484
  Minimum=22029.006, Maximum=27691.484, Mean=24706.686, StdDev=1020.597
  NoData Value=-9999

In GM 18:
Band 1 Block=513x1 Type=Int32, ColorInterp=Undefined
  Min=2202.866 Max=2769.230
  Minimum=2202.866, Maximum=2769.230, Mean=2470.669, StdDev=102.073
  NoData Value=-9999
The values in GM 18 are the right ones. Since there are no new export parameters in GM19, I consider that this is a bug. Here the lines of my export script which I run in both versions:


EXPORT_ELEVATION FILENAME="C:\PATH\8497_5895_14.bil" TYPE="BIL" SPATIAL_RES_METERS="4.77731426783" BYTES_PER_SAMPLE=4 GLOBAL_BOUNDS_SIZE="746025.396063,5615981.34217,2445.98490513,2445.98490513"


  • Sorry, I am evaluating GM 18, not GM 19. Consider this in my previous post.
  • My actual version: GM 17.
    the one I am evaluating: GM 18.

    Wrong elevation export data: GM 18
    Right elevation export data: GM 17.

    Sorry about the confusion.