Global Mapper v24.0

Imagery export to 3dsmax?

Hi all, 
I've got imagery loaded into GM and want to export a FLAT mesh (no topo) WITH the imagery included in the export to 3dsmax. The plan is to create 3d buildings on top of this 3d mesh and the units/measurement need to be accurate (1 unit = 1 meter in 3dsmax)
The FBX export options seem a little limited, here is what I've tried: 

- Used the "Create Rectangle Area Feature" tool to create a rectangle area onto a portion of the satellite imagery (the mesh)
- Export 3d Format and select FBX
- Checked "Embed Texture"
- Exported
- Imported FBX into 3dsmax 2017, units set to Meters

The mesh is there, but there's no texture anywhere. There's a material applied to it but it's empty. The UV applied is flat and doesn't really make sense. Also, the mesh is way off scale and is tiny. 
I must be doing something wrong. Any replies very much appreciated. 


  • Hi all, problem solved, but I will post the solution in case anyone has this issue. 
    The project setting for accurate units must be set to UTM or Mercador before exporting. 

    Also, it's just best to export raster image separately and use the area feature as the Export bound. 
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