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GM19 Attribute Labels Displaying as decimals

Hello all,

Created a point file with and ID, and X, Y coordinates.  The ID is similar to 01_0101. Normally when I label attributes, it will display the ID as is.  Recently I updated to 19 and the ID now labels as 01.0000.  The attributes still have the correct number listed when I display the information of the point, they are just showing up in decimal form on the label!  I have gone through the Vector Options for the file, as well as the Configuration - Vector Display.  Anyone have any ideas?

Want to add that the labels work properly in version 18 as well as another GIS software. 


  • From Blue Marble for anyone that needs the info:

    Thank you for sending that screenshot. Can you install the latest daily build of Version 19? This build should have the option 'Automatically Format Numeric Attribute Values'. Additionally, when choosing 'Use selected attribute value for name' are you seeing a change in the label display? Please let me know if you see a change in behavior in the latest Daily Build.

    Daily Build:

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