Fix (not reproject) geotiff header projection

Hi.  I've got some DEMs and orthos with the wrong projection written into the geotiff header.  So I'm not trying to reproject the data, just fix the header itself.  Normally double clicking on the layer would bring up an Options dialog box that has a Projection tab, and when clicking on that tab a warning comes up saying that you are fixing the header not reprojecting it, which is what I want.  But this tab is not showing up, for neither my DEMs nor my orthos.  So I cant figure out how to simply edit the header with the correct projection.  Its been a version or two since I've tried this, has this feature moved?  (I'm using v18.2)  Any advice would be appreciated here!


  • kfroesekfroese Geotechnical Engineer Posts: 181Trusted User
    But I think you are reprojecting. It loads with the wrong projection so you need to change it. That is essential reprojecting though in your case, "reinterpreting" might be the better phrase. If you use the "Layer Projection" tab under the "Options" for that layer, does it end up in the right place?
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