Global Mapper v25.0

Import contours DGN and export as SHP

I'm looking to import contours that were created in MicroStation and export them as a Shapefile.  When I import the DGN's the contours all come in at the same elevation, I lose the Z value (elevation) of the contour line when I import them into Global Mapper.  When I view the DGN's in AutoCAD or MicroStation they are in 3D and displayed correctly.

How do I import the 3D DGN files so they are in 3D in Global Mapper?




  • Despite the ELEVATION attributes being empty the lines should still have elevations when imported. You can check this by clicking on the Show 3D View button or creating an Elevation Grid with the data. When exporting to shapefile and re-importing into Global Mapper I am still able to view the 3D contours. Failing the above you can save the contours to DWG in AutoCAD and bring into Global Mapper.