How to add a new layer (overlay)


Sorry for the numpty question.  But, for the life of me, I can't find out how to do it...

How do I add a new layer (overlay) to the list in the Control Centre?  I've added new features to my map with the digitiser, but every time I go to save them, there is only the option to add the new features to a drop-down list of existing layers.  I can't seem to find any where to add a new layer to add my new feature to. I can find advice on how to do this in v10.  But those options don't seem to exist in v19.  Help!



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    There should be an entry at the top of the list for something like "create new layer", and you can name the layer as you continue through the procedure.

    New objects are frequently added to a layer named like "user created features". Objects can be selected from that layer, and a different layer specified to move them to. One of the items in the list of the layers should also be "create new layer".

    I'm not looking at the program or documentation (program is at office, and it's early morning Sunday while at home), so this description is probably not completely accurate, however the procedure should show you how to work your way through it. Of course, if this doesn't solve the problem, let us know.
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