How to save edited layers?

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Lets say that I load 10 LAS files, do some reclassification and want to save the changes to the original files. How to do that?    


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    Anser from BM:

    The example script in the link below has most of the commands that will be needed for this workflow via scripting.

    For this script, you can copy and paste the sample text to a new text file. The below line is what will need to be changed in the script for your workflow.


    Instead.. you will want to use the line below


    This scripting workflow will be easiest if all of your lidar files are in a common folder. Additionally, I recommend loading all the lidar files first and then make the changes that are needed. Once you've made those changes, navigate to File > Run Script. Make sure the checkbox 'Run Script in Context of the Main View' is selected as this will use the files that are currently loaded. 

    I have now tried it yet, but it looks to be the way to do it. 
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