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Apply and display slope attribute to trail route in 10m segments (or similar)

Hi GM,

I am working on some maps of ski trails.  The trails are all surveyed and I have a nice lidar-derived DEM layer for the location.

I would like to display the trails colour-coded along their lengths according to slope, to show how the gradient varies.  I have chosen an increment of 10m as a suitable length for each trail segment.  I have subdivided an example trail into 10m segments via:

Crop/combine/split functions>Split at specified spacing

Having done this, Analysis/Measurement > Measure confirms that each trail segment has all the standard stats calculated.  However I have not found a way to use the slope variable as an attribute in terms of how the line segments are displayed.   I would like to use some sort of logical colour scheme to show the steepness of the gradient for each 10 m section.   When I select the whole segmented trail I can go to Attribute/Style Functions and then the obvious selection would seem to be Add Style Attributes to Selected Features, but when I click that, nothing happens.  Maybe I am approaching this the wrong way.  Suggestions appreciated.


GM 17.1.0


  • Anyone?  Any ideas appreciated.  thanks.

  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Hi Rob,

    Here is something you can try (assumes that all of your segments are in the same layer):
    1. In the Control Center, select the layer that contains your trail segments.
    2. Click Options...
    3. On the Vector Options screen, click on the Line Styles tab.
    4. Choose "Apply Styling Based on Attribute/Name Values"
    5. Under "Attribute/Name to Base Style On", choose the slope attribute
    6. You will need to set up a style for each value.  You can use the "Init from Values..." button to help with this task.
    7. After setting up the styles, click OK.  
    8. Each segment should now be given a color based on its slope.