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can't recalculate min or max elevation after deleting it

JSL Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I had two layers of polygons on a DEM, and I accidentally copied the maximum and minimum elevations from layer A to layer B.  I then deleted the max and min elevation attributes from layer B, and attempted to use the "Calculate elevation/slope stats" process to get back the original max and mins, but they didn't reappear as attributes. Interestingly, the process will still create max and min points at the correct locations, but the attributes "MAX_ELEV_M" and "MIN_ELEV_M" are not recreated for each polygon in Layer B.

I can copy the values from the points to the polygons, but that's not really satisfactory.  Any help would be appreciated, as I'd rather not re-create the polygon layer all over again.
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