PDF vector import comes in a the wrong location

bisenbergerbisenberger Global Mapper UserPosts: 91Trusted User
The attached images shows vector contours from USGS Topo PDF over a DRG.


  • bisenbergerbisenberger Global Mapper User Posts: 91Trusted User
    Version 18.2.2 (b092517)
  • geomanniegeomannie Global Mapper User Posts: 216Trusted User
    Not enough info but possibly a datum issue. One or both of the datasets has possibly been set to the wrong datum. If you could post the files or a sub-set of the data here we might be able to work out the problem.

  • Amanda McDermottAmanda McDermott Global Mapper User Posts: 71Trusted User
    When we've had similar issues it has been to do with layer projection, have you got them both set to the same projection?
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