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selecting units and scale of imported DWG

yianni Global Mapper UserTrusted User

is it possible to have a DWG scaled when imported as well?

So far we have the option to select the units that a DWGs is done (i.e. meters, centimeters, km) which effectively is a scale in itself, but a 1/10 , 1/100 etc scale only

can we have an option to choose the scale ourselves, numerically?

for instance say that the planar units of an imported DWG are meters but the scale is a 1:2 as well?




  • I don't believe you can but alternatively you can:

    1. Right-Click the Layer
    2. SELECT- Select All Features With The Digitizer Tool
    3. Right-Click in the workspace
    4. Move Reshape Feature(s)
    5. ROTATE/SCALE - Rotate/Scale Features In The Selected Layer(s) 

  • yianni
    yianni Global Mapper User Trusted User
    ha good point forgot about the scaling function option in the rotation card.