Finding elevation of a specific point

Hi, I am completely new to Global Mapper and I don't have that much experience with GIS.
What I want to do is to find the elevation of a specific point (specifying its coordinates). I've used the Digitizer tool to select the point but I want to find the elevation of the Lidar data that is "behind" it. Can anyone point on the right direction on how to do this?

I've seen a few questions on this sort of theme here but they seem a bit too complex for what I want...
Thank you!


  • Maybe someone else has a better solution but assuming you have a gridded surface you can:

    1. Select the point with the Digitizer Tool
    2. Right-Click in the workspace
    3. Analysis/Measurement
    4. Apply Elevations From Terrain Layers To Selected Feature(s)
    5. Yes
    6. OK
    7. Using the Feature Info Tool ('i' in a blue circle) and click on the point
    8. View the value for ELEVATION

    Note: You can also use 'Calculate Elevation/Slope Stats For Selected Feature(s)' for point 4 above
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