Sea area around island and some groynes (etc.)

Hello to each other,

I currently have the following problem: I have an island (some with slope, some shallow transitions) and would like to fill the cloud of points of the sea.

On the screenshot you can see how this shows. Just off the island area there are also sandy areas. The red line is a shape with the border of the island. As can be seen, this does not match the actual dimensions.

My questions:

a) How can I edit a gentle descent for these transitions?
b) How can I fill the area of the sea, as there are gaps here and bring it to a uniform height?
c) How can I finally give the points in the area of the sea a grid?

I would be very grateful for your ideas and suggestions!

The Screenshots:

The open sea around: This information must still exist and not be deleted, filled out and transferred to a grid.


  • Hello again,
    for the sea area I have reached the desired value for the altitude level.
    However, there is a problem with the transition to the island (see picture): Although I specify a shape but the surface is also calculated for the island.

    How can I adjust this, that the calculation is done only within the shape (ie the sea)? The shapefile represents the sea.
    b.PNG 31.9K
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