Convert raster elevation (ECW, etc) to vector surface (3D DXF/TIN)?

Hi there - 

How do I take elevation data in raster format (in this case ECM) and convert to a 3D DXF/TIN surface ready for use in other 3D modelling software? 

I have been exporting 3D DXF's surfaces in Global Mapper from downloaded online elevation sources fine, but I'm not having any luck finding an easy path to convert an elevation raster into an elevation vector ready for export as a dxf. 

Any suggestions: I know this should be easy. 



  • BillBBillB Global Mapper User Posts: 73Trusted User
    I don't think we have ever used elevation data in raster format but, provided you can generate a terrain in GM (for example, can you run a viewshed or cross-section from it?) then it should be possible to export to 3D DXF.  Can you confirm that you have a functional terrain?
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