Global Mapper v25.0

Error opening 3D View

Whenever I try to open 3D view I get an error message like the one in the following paragraph. This will happen even when I have no data loaded.

Error opening 3D view.
Failed to create 3D viewer window.
View3DBase.cpp - 496
Version: v19.0.1 (161) (64-bit)
Build Time: Oct 11 2017 02:43:03
Thread: Main UI Thread
Last Op: File: Dlgv32View.cpp : 728
Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) Memory: 3,279,667,200 of 8,480,497,664 available, GDI Usage: 377 GDI (Peak 401), 139 User (Peak 157)

If I try this multiple times, eventually GM will crash with an error like one below:

Global Mapper v19.0.1 (b101117) [64-bit]
Unexpected top-level error, program will exit.
Read access violation at data address 0x0000000004F34010,
program address 0x00007FFF9E36C028.

Version: v19.0.1 (161) (64-bit)
Build Time: Oct 11 2017 02:43:03
Thread: Main UI Thread

Stack Trace:

00007FFF9E36C028 (mfc110)

00007FFF9E36F724 (mfc110)

0000000140296DD7 (global_mapper)

00007FFF9E576D0A (mfc110)

00007FFF9E55D007 (mfc110)

00007FFF9E55CED8 (mfc110)

00007FFF9E55D746 (mfc110)

00000001400C2EA6 (global_mapper)

00007FFF9E58C562 (mfc110)

00000001420C273C (global_mapper)

00007FFFCA202774 (KERNEL32)

00007FFFCB8D0D51 (ntdll)

Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) Memory: 3,274,129,408 of 8,480,497,664 available, GDI Usage: 350 GDI (Peak 370), 125 User (Peak 151)



  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer Moderator, Trusted User


    There may be more information in your error log. Open the Configuration | Advanced page to see the log file location. Make sure the Log Detail Level is set for Warning or higher. Once you have that information, I would recommend contacting our support team at