Switch/Change UTM - ETRS89 from "32529..." to "529..."

Hello everyone,

for another program it is necessary that I change the data of the projection. I work in UTM ETRS89 - zone 32. So a point with LiDAR or DSM data is referenced as follows:

point location: 32530037.000 6069262.000

For another program, it is necessary that the leading 32 for all points / features is shortened, because this can not work with so many places. Is this change possible in GM and if so, how?


  • In the short term, you could shift all the data by -32000000.000 to load it into the other program. But this will come with a bunch more problems when you try to load it back or use any other properly georeferenced data.

    Possibly you should be contacting the other program about how to address this problem as it doesn't seem like a Global Mapper problem to me.

  • Hi SamRondeel,

    yes, that would be possible but not effective. I was told that this transformation in GM is quite simple. That was one of the reasons for purchasing GM on my work.

    Doing so in another program would not be effective, as we want to switch from a large number of programs to a smaller one.

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