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Can't get 3D view to show SRTM

Hi all,

Sorry, but a couple of simple questions... (I'm relatively new to Global Mapper).

I have SRTM data that I can see and manipulate in standard view, but when I click on 3D the view is just of ocean and sky - no data. There is a warning message that pops up to indicate I have OpenGL 3.0, not 3.3 and states that some functionality may not be available. Would this extend to not rendering the elevation data? 

I also want to drape a Landsat image on the SRTM, what do I need to do (assuming I can actually visualise the SRTM data in 3D) to view this in 3D?

I am running GM (v.19) under VMWare Fusion on a 2017 MacBook Pro.

Thanks for any suggestions.



  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User

    Hi Brett,

    Yes, elevation data cannot be shown in Global Mapper 19 unless OpenGL 3.3 is available. I'm not sure about the OpenGL situation with running GM under VMWare Fusion. I'd suggest getting in touch with our support folks at to see whether they have more information, if you already haven't.

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  • Can we generate an OBJ or PLY file from SRTM data now?
  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User
    Hi golfshaper,

    No, we cannot export elevation data to PLY or OBJ format at this time. I've added a new feature request (#24628) to add this capability. It hasn't been scheduled for implementation yet, but we'll notify you here when it's done.