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Slope Percentage Attirbute on Point using Calculate Elev/Slope Statistics

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(Ver. 18 GM)  I have created a grid of points (.shp) and loaded over a USGS Elevation model.  I selected all the points, (right click) and used the Analysis/Measurement Function --> Calculate Elev/Slope Statistics.  All works perfectly, but I am trying just to display the slope percentage value.  I get both slope degrees and [slope percentage] together as an attribute.  (Example:  5.30* [9.28%])

Is there anyway just to isolate that percent (9.28 in example) as just the value without the slope degrees, brackets or % sign?

I have been able to do this by converting the elevation model to a .flt and exporting to slope percentage elevation raster, and extracting the values that way, but this would really save some time.

Thanks for any info.

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  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
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    The format for the slope attribute can not be changed by the user at this time, nor can the slope percent be split out into a separate attribute by the Calculate Elev/Slope Statistics function.  I have added feature request #22986 so we can evaluate adding additional formatting options in a future release of Global Mapper.  We will post a message on this thread when the status of the request changes.

    In the meantime, you can use the Attribute Calculator to split the slope percent into a separate attribute.
    1. Use the Digitizer to select the features you want to modify
    2. Right-click and choose Attribute Style Functions | Calculate/Copy Attributes for Feature Selection.  The Attribute Calculation Setup dialog will be displayed.
    3. Use SLOPE_PCT (or another name of your choosing) for the new attribute to be added
    4. Select the Use Formula Calculation option
    5. In the formula field, paste clip(search(SLOPE,"\d*.\d*%"), "", "%"). (The formula searches the string for a number followed by a percent sign, then clips off the percent sign.  See Global Mapper help for more information.)
    6. Click the Calculate button


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