Script surpport for batch Georeferenceing

nikolajvhnikolajvh Global Mapper UserPosts: 8
I have a bunch of Radar images taken from the same location, that i would like to georeference. It works great when i georefrence one image and save the GCP to a file, and use this for the other images.

I would like to apply this to a loop command and georefrence all files with the same georefrence file(.gcp).
But i can not find the script command to do this. Can this be done in global mapper?


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,160

    The IMPORT command has several parameters that can be used to georeference a raster image.  It sounds like GCP_FILENAME is the parameter you would need.  You don't indicate what version of Global Mapper you are using.  The link is for Global Mapper 19.  If you are using a different version, you can look in the Scripting Reference section of your help file for more information.

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