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Exporting OSM line Features takes very long

sant0s Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Hello everybody, I have a question on exporting raster images to BigTiff: I downloaded the Chile street .sph from to extract the Carretera Austral (Ruta 7) street seperate. Workflow is just deleting all line features but the Ruta 7 and than export that as an Image to use in 3D Application. Loading and working is all smooth, but first it will create hundreds of tmp Tiff files and after that it takes more than a day,to build the BigTiff File. Am I am doing something wrong? What would be the correct and fastest workflow, to export the street correctly? Btw, when I do something similar with downloaded image tiles instead of line features, it renders massive BigTiffs within minutes. Thank you! :) Markus
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