Layers exported to a PNG

Using the script below, I'm doing an export to a PNG file:

EXPORT_RASTER FILENAME=c:\temp\bishop.png \
    TYPE=PNG \
    LAT_LON_BOUNDS=-119.495327,36.463131,-117.295327,38.263131 \
    PIXEL_SIZE_MAX=600x600 \

While examining the resulting PNG with the Windows Photo Viewer, I discovered that I could zoom
the image (I didn't know that this could be done).  I assume that Global Mapper did this by
writing multiple layers to the PNG (I'm probably not using the right terminology, this is all
new to me).

How can I limit Global Mapper's export to the top most layer?



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  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 451
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    Hi John,
    I don't see any layers in your bishop.png file.  The viewer simply provides a zoom function.  Your file would be a lot larger if layers were included. 

    Other than exporting to web files (tiled), I don't know of any raster exports that result in a layered file. 

    Nor do I know of ways to script a change to a point-type.  If your file format includes point-type attributes (like your XYZ file does), you can change it there.  I usually keep separate files for each point-type.  I will also use other programs to modify data files, then load the changes into Global Mapper.  That may be more simple than trying to do all of your work in Global Mapper. 


  • JHallJHall Posts: 12
    Thanks Mykl,

    I'm sorry for my confusion - I've gone back and using different tools, I haven't been able to repeat the behavior.

    I appreciate the explanation.
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