High Resolution Gridding - Distance criteria

I am working with higher and higher resolution hydrographic data and nowadays, grids with grid spacing of 25cm (0.25mBin) is becoming more common for me. There are also times when I need even lower grid size spacing (e.g. 0.1mBin). Using  ‘Create Elevation Grid’, I can of course select any grid size, but the issue is that the lowest value that can be selected for ‘elevation Grid ‘No Data’ Distance Criteria’ is 0.5m. If I am creating a grid of 0.25m or smaller, I would want to have the distance criteria value at 0.25m or smaller (Depending on grid spacing). It would be great if this could be updated. At the moment, I am on 18.2, so I don’t know if this has changed in version 19?

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