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Pardon the elementary question. I try to import a dwg file as a layer on top of a world imagery file, but the dwg file does not show, irrespective of the sequence I import the files. If I import the dwg on it's own, it does show up, but when I import the world imagery screen, I get a black screen. Help will be appreciated.

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  • geomanniegeomannie Global Mapper User Posts: 208
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    I have in the past had problems with dwg scaling. The dwg files have coordinates but I remember having noticed that GM does not pick up the scale units. This means that you can open the file by itself and it will look fine and have coordinates, but in fact the units are (as I remember) mm rather than metres. So if you open an image screen with corectly scaled units, mayhem rules.

    Try opening the dwg file again, but paying particular attention to the import units rather than accepting the default. Worth a try.


  • SSorry, tht should be "dwg" files. GM 18.2.
  • Thank you geomannie. I had a look at he units, and then discovered that the projection in the dwd file were incorrect, So I was barlooking
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