Google Earth Image link Broken?

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I recently updated to v. 19 and the link to Google Earth Imagery seems to have broken.  Has anyone else had the same problem? or is there an updated link that needs to added to the download list?


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  • DoeDoe Global Mapper User Posts: 87
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    I'm having the same problem. I am using Global Mapper v19.0.2 (b112717) (234) [64-bit] - REGISTERED, downloaded from the Daily Build site to update the original version I upgraded from v. 18. The Control Center indicates the Google Map is present but the Metadata indicates nonsensical boundaries. I also tried drawing a polygon and toggling on "Download within currently selected polygon" and I get the following error:

    Unhandled exception processing command message 154 with code 0. in Map (2D / Top-Down) view
    OnlineRasterOverlay.cpp - 3494
    Version: v19.0.2 (234) (64-bit)
    Build Time: Nov 27 2017 02:41:36
    Thread: Main UI Thread
    Last Op: CoordMeshBase_t::calculateMesh - row 751 [Mesh Size: 490 x 752]

    Stack Trace:
    0000000140313ABF (global_mapper)
    00000001403152BE (global_mapper)
    0000000140704687 (global_mapper)
    00000001407055BC (global_mapper)
    00000001405BC3A9 (global_mapper)
    00000001401AA88A (global_mapper)
    0000000140BFB736 (global_mapper)
    000000014042DA57 (global_mapper)
    00000001400E2A9C (global_mapper)
    00007FFB18BC17BE (mfc110)
    00007FFB18BC1A36 (mfc110)
    00007FFB18BFB5EA (mfc110)
    00007FFB18C50A26 (mfc110)
    00000001401625E2 (global_mapper)
    00000001404E3BDC (global_mapper)
    ... (42 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

    Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory: 27,065,782,272 of 34,260,480,000 available, GDI Usage: 418 GDI (Peak 437), 133 User (Peak 266)

    Any ideas?


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