Georeferencing aerial oblique photos to co-ordinate with GPS track.

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I took 200 aerial oblique photos but the camera GPS did not tag them. Fortunately I had a Garmin extrex30 running with a 20 sec waypoint marker and it gives me a good Global Mapper plot of the flight path. The camera time and GPS time are not co-ordinated but I think I can correct the difference. How do I then get Global Mapper to plot the photo points on the flight path?

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    I use a piece of software called GPicSync ( which will take your folder of photos, a GPS track, and correlate the two. There is an option to add an offset in case the camera and GPS time aren't the same (note that sometimes you need to add/subtract an hour from the camera time to account for differences in how satellites track daylight savings time). The software writes the coordinates into the EXIF of each photo and you can then drag-and-drop the photos into GM and it will place a camera icon at the coordinate of the photo. Use the Info tool to open the photo directly from GM.


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    Thank you, just what i needed.
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