Global Mapper v16...

Hello fellow Global Mapper users!

I'm calling you for help...

I bought a GM v16 version a few years ago, but not the more recent versions.

Problem is: I had to reformat my computer, and I have to reinstall all softwares. I still have my licence file, however. The problem is: Blue Marble won't give access to the former versions for downloading, and I wouldn't like to buy a newer version as it would be useless regarding the functionnalities I need (image format conversion mainly).

Did any of you eventually store a GMv16 installer (windows 64 bit), and in that case, could someone be kind enough to send me this file? It would be really helpful for me...

I'm not a nigerian prince, or anything like that, you can find info about me (including contacts) and the company I created on

Thanks a lot by advance!

Thomas Follet


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