Blue Marble Seeks Nomination for LiDAR Leader Award

It is always nice to receive recognition for a job well done. Blue Marble is accustomed to hearing positive feedback from customers about how Global Mapper is helping streamline workflow and improve productivity, however garnering a more formal accolade is truly gratifying.

If you are of the opinion that Global Mapper’s LiDAR processing capabilities are worthy of such recognition, why not tell the folks who are organizing the upcoming International LiDAR Mapper Forum, to be held in Denver in February? The LiDAR Leader Awards is a program that has been designed to recognize individuals, organizations, or companies who have made a significant contribution in this field. 

As the rapidly expanding Global Mapper user base will attest, the combination of powerful point cloud processing capabilities and genuine affordability are unmatched in any other application available today. Global Mapper and the accompanying LiDAR Module provide:

·         Extensive LiDAR editing, filtering, and cropping tools

·         Stunning 3D visualization

·         Automatic ground point detection and reclassification

·         Building, vegetation, and powerline extraction

·         DEM creation and terrain analysis

·         Volume calculation

·         Contour generation

·         And much, much more

If you would like to nominate Blue Marble on behalf of Global Mapper, simply click here, choose the Outstanding Team Achievement category, and let everyone know why you think Global Mapper is undoubtedly the best application for getting the most out of your LiDAR Data. 

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