Global Mapper v24.1

Suppress errors during KMZ export?

Global Mapper 18.2

Situation: I'm exporting a large .GCM raster catalog (5,000+ small geotiffs) to KMZ using the File --> "Export Raster/Image Format" feature. I typically run these exports overnight, as they take ~10 hours to finish. 

Problem: Some of the geotiff files cause Global Mapper to halt the export and throw the below error in a popup window. The export can be resumed by clicking "OK," then clicking "NO" when the following dialog box asks "Would you like to cancel all remaining exports?"

Question: Is there any way to suppress these error popups? I need Global Mapper to just ignore/log the errors and keep trucking through the export. It a bummer to see that a 10-hour export halted 15 minutes after I left work the night before, and two clicks was all it took to keep things going. 


The error and followup dialog box: