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A client of ours experienced something we have never seen before.  While attempting to create Web (OpenStreetMap) Tiles using the GM_ExportWebFormat() function of the SDK, a copyright protection popup appeared.  In our development of the Web Tile export interface, we have never encountered this.  At the time, our client was using an older version of our software that featured v14.2 of your SDK.  We have recently upgraded our library to v18.2.1, however we are running into some issues - which I may need to start a new thread at a later time.  Both are running the 32-bit libraries.

Is there a way to allow the user to bypass the copyright protection?  For instance, our client wants to take an exported Tile Map onto the open ocean.  Since there is no internet on the open water, the client wants to take a personal copy.

Here is the client provided screenshot of the popup.

On the same note, where may I find the legalese of the usage and output of the SDK?

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    The problem is that the data is not ours so we cannot bypass the copyright. You could find an open source option or find some other way to get a local copy of suitable data.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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