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Seeking Beta Testers for UAV photogrammettric point cloud tool

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UPDATE December 17, 2017: Thanks for all the participation!  This has been a very successful beta process for us and directly lead to a number of positive changes in the tool and others for us to implement in versions ahead.  We have moved into open beta with this tool in the latest public builds of Global Mapper v19.0.  If you happen to come onto this post and are interested in trying it out, you will find the tools enabled with the LiDAR Module in the full release of Global Mapper available from our downloads page at:  These functions can be used with an evaluation or full license that includes the LiDAR Module.  Questions regarding this tool can now be directed to our regular support team at rather than the beta team.  Thanks again!

Original Post:
Hi folks, we're looking for some beta testers for a closed beta cycle on a tool for generating photogrammetric point clouds from overlapping photos, such as might be collected from a UAV/drone flight.  
This will be a focused beta process on this one tool set, built on the soon to be released Global Mapper v19.0. The new tool will be in a special build of 19.0 with no other new beta features, and we are specifically looking for testers of this one new feature set we are working on.  If you are interested in participating and trying it out, please send us a note at: and we will send you more information.  When you email in, please include any relevant information on your computer specifications such as processor, CPU and GPU, and any information on your particular UAV hardware you can share with us, as well as your relative level of experience with drone imagery processing we are hoping to get a good cross section of hardware capabilities and levels of user experience.  This cycle will be beginning shortly, possibly next week, and will likely run about a month.  Thanks, we're look forward to sharing the new tools with you!

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  • Rok
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    Hi, I would be glad to participate. I'm the UAV drone photogrammetry since 2013 with strong surveying background ( geodesy). I'm using SenseFly eBee (12Mp camera) with PiX4D mapper to produce poinclouds, 3D mesh and ortophoto. Can process on xeon workstation with nvidia quadro graphic card.
  • Hi, very interested in testing the beta for the UAV photogrammetry, will be a excelent addition to the Lidar Module and make GM a complete solution