Find Extreme (Min/Max) Elevations - Is this available/doable via scripting

veddycentveddycent Global Mapper UserPosts: 62
Hi all,

I have around 5000 GeoTiffs that I need to find the minimum elevation value for and store in a txt file.
Can you run Find Extreme (Min/max) Elevations via a script as this is does exactly what I need?

Any help would be much appreciated
Kind Regards

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  • Ice Age MarkIce Age Mark Global Mapper User Posts: 324
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    I think the metadata that can be saved from the QUERY_LAYER_METADATA script command should contain that information.  There is a simple sample script in the scripting reference that you can start with and modify as needed.

    Good luck,



  • veddycentveddycent Global Mapper User Posts: 62
    Thanks for the reply Mark,

    Oddly the min and max value in the metadata is different to the max and min obtained from running Find Extreme (Min/max) Elevations. I'm running v15 of GM so maybe this was a bug.

    I luckily don't need to do this anymore as I do it in another program.

    I think it would be useful to have this feature accessible via script, especially when you have to do it on hundreds of layer/files.

    Ill mark your reply as the answer as it pretty much answered and gave an alternative.
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