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Draped aerial - exporting

I'm looking to export a draped aerial image (ecw) to another 3D format, FBX if possible?
So I have the elevation grid and aerial all working fine in GM, with the 3D view showing exactly what I'm after but when I export to FBX the texture does not include the aerial, only the "Blend Mode" associated to the Elevation Grid.
Is there a way to create a texture from the aerial?
GM is doing everything I want it to, so I'm hoping there is a simple thing I'm missing to make this work.....

Thanks in advance,

v18.2 (b052417) [64-bit] - REGISTERED


  • GeorgeP
    GeorgeP Global Mapper User
    I have the same question.  Looking to export a draped aerial over to FBX or other 3D model format.


  • Ho did you imported aerial image properly to GM?
  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User
    Hi folks,

    We do have a feature request  (#23533) logged for this task. Currently that's scheduled for the GM 20.0 release, though that may change, but I think that better handling of mesh and mesh-like object in GM is getting more emphasis, and rightly so. I've made a note to report back here when it's been implemented.

    Thanks, and best regards,

  • Thanks Jeff, appreciate that.

    mbfg80 - I had the image imported as an ecw, but also tried it in other geo-referenced and non-referenced formats like jpg, png, tiff.  I was getting the same result.
  • Not sure if this helps you guys, but see my post in this thread - 
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