Global Mapper v24.0

undo needed to make digitizing and modifying vector data viable

bisenberger Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Without an undo option it is very cumbersome to make full use of the vector editing tools.


  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Note that the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-D will toggle display of deleted features.  Features can be selected and un-deleted as needed. 

    A program as complex as Global Mapper would have a difficult time implementing an undo function, especially with any more than one level of undo. 
  • BillB
    BillB Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Hi bisenberger
    It is possible to undo single steps in the digitisation process with Ctrl-Z, but entire operations cannot be undone.  If you search the forum for "undo" you will see requests going back over many years for this feature, which is, after all, the norm in most software.
    I do recall that Mike, the principal developer, has said in the past that undo is difficult, due to the complexity of some GM operations.  I don't understand why it is such a problem and would like to hear from Global Mapper whether they have plans to implement this basic function.
    When using GM, we try to remember to Save frequently, in case something unexpected happens, but it would be very helpful to have even one step of 'undo'.
  • nlcad
    nlcad Global Mapper User
    BillB has a good point to which I agree, it should theoretically be possible to have an undo an entire operation for some things e.g undo a creating finished feature instead of having to delete it.

    Deleting features is nice, but to completely get rid of them would require a re-export of the data into a new project/file is overkill in my opinion. That is where an undo (or full/complete delete) would be nice to have.
  • nlcad
    nlcad Global Mapper User
    Forgot to add something in my response, it would also be nice if an undo of e.g. a completed line or area feature would undo the finishing step and bring you back to the last step of creating the feature so that you can continue with working on the feature.

    In addition to that some more direct persistent editing of vertices would be nice, i.e. select a vertex, move it and then move the next vertex without again going through the submenu to select movie vertex or the move vertex button on the toolbar. I.e. a persistent edit something (vertex or whatever else) option.
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