Global Mapper v24.0

Can you select layer under cursor

Hi all,

Is the above possible?
I have about 5000 aerial images loaded in and about 300 are in the wrong place. The majority of the images use State Plane (New York - Long Island)/NAD83/Feet projection. Most of the ones that are in the wrong place use Lambert Conformal Conic/NAD83/Feet projection. I have tried batch re-projecting them but they are still in the wrong place so this is my current process to reposition these:
- I find the layer in the overlay control centre (as you can imagine this takes a while)
- Right click RECTIFY
- Change the projection to State Plane (New York - Long Island)/NAD83/Feet
- When it asks me Would you like to reproject existing GCPs to the new projection I select NO - Reinterpret GCP coordinates as being in the new projection. This moves the aerial to the correct position. That is all I have to do but the problem is i have to do it individually for each one (~300).

I guess there are two questions here... can the above process be batched to the visible layers on screen
Can you select the layer under the cursor

NOTE: I have already tried the Rectify (Georeference) imagery problem is this process is more long winded than the other.

Any advice would be much appreciated


  • veddycent
    veddycent Global Mapper User
    Not sure how you edit the post but I forgot to mention that I'm using Global Mapper v15.0 (b091813)
  • kfroese
    kfroese Geotechnical Engineer Trusted User
    I can't answer the first question. As for the second, if you use the info tool, it will at least tell you the layer name which should help you identify the layer on which you need to do the reprojection.
  • veddycent
    veddycent Global Mapper User
    Thanks kfroese,

    That's the only way I know but as you can imagine it's a slow process with 5000 layers.
    I've instead started using the feature Select All Onscreen Layers which works well but having to zoom to areas then wait for it render takes a while but its the quickest way I've found. I wish you could fence select layers in the view port.