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.shp to .map WAsP polygon shrinking

Hi All,

I'm very new to GM so pardon my basic questions. I need to read in a .shp (with associated .dbf) and convert to .map WAsP file. I've seen some old threads so I made a point of renaming the inner and outer roughness attributes ROUGH_L and ROUGH_R. I am simply reading in the file and then selecting the polygon layer and File -> Export -> Vector/Lidar then choosing .map. However, I end up with .map file with so many cross points it appears that the polygons may not be getting shrunk at all. Can you point out where I am going wrong and if there is an option to change the buffer size when GM shrinks the polygons?

I've been doing the above with some matlab scripts I wrote, but now I have access to GM I was hoping to use it a one stop shop for all my wind analysis mapping work.

kind regards

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