Why is the digitizer (edit) toolbar greyed out, with the exception of the display area/line vertices?


  • JeffH@BMGJeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Posts: 269Trusted User
    Hi cerebral,

    Most of the buttons on the Digitizer (Edit) toolbar operate on selected vector features, and for some of them, they operate on specific types of vector features . If there are no selected vector features, then the toolbar buttons are disabled; otherwise they are enabled as appropriate to the type(s) of vector features that are selected.

    The sole exception is the "Display Area/Line Vertices" button, which is a toggle that reflects a setting in the Configuration dialog on the Vector Display / Rendering ("Render area and line vertices"). So we leave that button enabled always.

    Hope that that helps. Best regards,

  • OryxOryx Posts: 3

    I am new to Global Mapper and have started to make my way through self training, section 1. I am being asked to open ' open data files' on the intro screen. Here I am told to browse for the GM data section/ maine towns, which I am supposed to click on via the open button. I cannot find this file, where should I browse to find this? All I get is a  window showing existing files on my computer.

    Many thanks


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